February 13, 2020

How to Commission Art

Commissioning art isn’t a scary process and it’s not complicated either. When commissioning art from a talented artist, you can ask just about anything of them that’s in their wheelhouse. Since you see landscapes, realism, impressionism, portraits, animal art, and abstract art here on Fine Art South, you can get any of those types of art done with a commission request. To commission art from Fine Art South, you can start the process by using the Contact form here.

For more basic information on commissions and how to do it, see the article below reprinted in part from Artfinder

Don’t worry, commissioning art is no longer just something members of the upper class during the Renaissance can afford to have! Today, many artists are open to taking on commissions as it shows them people are enjoying their work. If you really like a work of art but it’s already sold or you are looking to get something a little more personalised, try reaching out to the artist. Commissioning artwork is a unique experience that allows you to trust someone to create what you are visualising. It gives you the chance to have a personalised work of art that will stay with you forever.

"Refugee Girl II" watercolor portrait by Shelly Leitheiser

“Refugee Girl II” watercolor portrait by Shelly Leitheiser

Choosing the right artist and subject

When getting a work of art commissioned it is important to think about the subject you would like and what style would suit it best. If you are choosing to get work done by your favourite artist based on their style keep in mind that perhaps some subjects are better suited to certain styles.

As said before, commissioned art is not only portraits, if you like previous works of an artist you can discuss with them how to create a similar piece. You don’t have to come up with something revolutionary and different, you could simply enjoy a previous work of an artist but would like to change some details of it. If you are looking to come up with a new subject for the commissioned piece try and be as detailed as possible when explaining it to the artist.

Keep open communication

Commissioning a work of art requires a relationship to be built between you and the artist. It is important to have open communication and discuss what you want from the artist but also understand that the artist is working hard to create your vision. Depending on what you are asking for and how much work the artist is taking on, commissioning a work of art is a long process that should not be rushed.”



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