July 21, 2020

Support the American Artist Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it rough going for many Americans running a business. Fine Art South is no exception. Theoretically, online art sales should be thriving, but this economy has people holding on to their money more closely due to uncertainty. People are often looking for the “best deals” instead of collecting art they love.

Now, supposedly, the economy is slowly coming back. Even if it is (which is dubious) many American artists, including me, have taken a big financial hit. And in turn, due to our economic hit, our suppliers, shippers and others have suffered down the chain. If artists are not selling as much, they are not painting as much, they are then not buying as many supplies and using as many resources, or using FedEx etc., at much, which affects hundreds if not thousands of jobs. It’s all connected!


Fine Art South has a new donation link for people who want to support a small business in Georgia that has been impacted by COVID19. The FAS art gallery business was started only a few months before the coronavirus hit the United States, and it has undergone a lot of financial pressures since it began. If you have looked on the website and enjoyed seeing any of the art, please consider a contribution to support the artist.

Here is the donation link:

Another problem for localized artists and art businesses is that many people buy faux decorative art at a place like “Hobby Lobby” or department stores. That “art” was usually created by assembly line artists in China or other countries. Obviously this doesn’t help American artists. It’s cheap, unoriginal, and it’s not art. It’s wall decoration, like wallpaper or curtains.

If you want art, you should buy directly from the artist. That’s Fine Art South. This is an American website that represents an American artist. It’s an online-only art gallery/studio/catalog of my art and it’s all for sale. But I need to make sales to keep it running.

So you can help!  You can buy Fine Art South art online. This website is secure and all payments are through Paypal. Any size art purchases will help! During this pandemic, I am waiving most shipping costs, except on the more heavy larger pieces.

So the best thing to do is buy art from a real local artist . . .

If you would rather just donate, you can do that with the button below, instead of using the link above. Both go to the same place.