The East Meets West Exhibit at the Grandview Gallery in Atlanta is on exhibit now, with the first round of floral arrangements by Ikebana International on display. My painting is pictured below with its corresponding floral interpretation. It was an honor for my painting to be chosen for this show. The Ikebana artist who did the arrangement inspired by my painting is Noriko Rajagopalan.

“Primary Celebration” at the Grandview Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Because the fresh floral elements in the Ikebana arrangements will not last for the entire time of the art exhibit, they are having two rounds of arrangements lasting 6 days each. So if you want to see the arrangement with my painting, visit the gallery by April 13th.

The reception on April 7th was a huge success. There was a  record-breaking attendance and rave reviews from everyone.

The first round of Ikebana arrangements will be on view until April 12.Round two of the Ikebana arrangements will start May 5 and that is when the next reception is for this show. They will again be serving light refreshments with wine and other beverages. Below are the details on this art show in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.