Collecting Art You Value

It’s not always easy to know what art you should collect. Should you buy something you don’t like? Is the art “high quality” enough to pay a lot for it, and what does that mean?  Are “quality” and “value” a measurable thing in art, or should other factors be involved? Many people buy art because they like it. Some don’t. I once had a woman buy a painting from me at an art fair because she told her friend it would be a “good investment”. It was hard for me to agree with her, because she was buying a watercolor […]

May 3, 2020

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Why Art Buyers Buy Art Online

Red Velvet watercolor painting

Collectors buy art online just like the rest of us shop online – because of convenience and lack of salespeople and other reasons. Art sold online is often less expensive online than art in galleries, because there is very little overhead compared to a gallery. Fewer people to pay and fewer resources are used, so it’s also good for the planet! It’s also fun to browse and shop online, often more fun that it is to shop in galleries, even though there are plenty of places to buy art here in the south and in Atlanta art galleries. Read on […]

January 15, 2020

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