Memories of Ice

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Recommended Price $1,400.00



Memories of Ice is an original unique and surreal painting in acrylic on Canvas. The size is medium-large, 30″ x 40″, to add a real statement to your wall.

Memories of Ice is the third and most recent painting in my “Memories” environmental series. It depicts a polar bear swimming in a strange underwater scenario where nothing looks quite like it is supposed to. We can only imagine what the world was like when glaciers and icebergs existed. This polar bear doesn’t look too concerned but in reality it would be without a place to land and hunt from.  With this series I intend to make people more aware of the effects of climate change through art. 

This painting is acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas, with finished edges. A print of this painting can be obtained on our print shop website, Peachbox Art.

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Dimensions 44 × 34 × 4 in

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