Is the Trump baby blimp a work of art? It might be. The Museum of London wants to acquire it for their collection.

Trump Blimp framed Art

Matt Bonner, who designed Trump Baby and came up with the idea for it with climate campaigner Leo Murray, told me there was an artistic motivation behind the project, and that the pair consider art and activism to be ‘completely intertwined’. Source

So is it museum material? According to Artsy:

The Museum of London is looking to acquire the so-called “Trump Baby,” a large inflatable sculpture of current U.S. President Donald Trump as a grimacing, smartphone-wielding, diaper-wearing tyke.

The floating sculpture made an appearance near London’s Parliament Square on Tuesday amid protests against Trump’s state visit to Britain. It initially made its debut last summer under similar circumstances, after activist Leo Murray crowd-funded the 20-foot-tall inflatable and London Mayor Sadiq Khan approved the project. Now, amid the return of “Trump Baby” and a war of words between Trump and Khan, the Museum of London wants to preserve the blimp. The institution clarified that is not being partisan as it would also like to acquire a balloon sculpture of Khan, too, for its protest collection.

Mayor Khan does not need a blimp. If the Museum of London does acquire this Trump blimp as art, I hope the makers of the Trump Blimp will make another 100 copies of those blimps and spread them throughout the world’s cities. We need at least 50 of  them in the US.